BARUCH BEN ISAAC OF REGENSBURG (second half of 12th century), talmudic scholar. He was a member of the bet din of Regensburg, together with isaac b. jacob ha-lavan of prague , Abraham ben Moses of Regensburg, and Judah he-Ḥasid b. Samuel (Sefer Ḥasidim, ed. by J. Wistinetzki (19242), 390). Baruch was one of the teachers of abraham b. azriel , the author of Arugat ha-Bosem. There is record of a question addressed to Baruch and his two fellow judges by R. Joel ben Isaac ha-Levi (Sefer Ravyah, no. 1031). Baruch engaged in disputations with his older contemporary eliezer b. nathan of Mainz, who esteemed him highly, and with isaac b. samuel ha-zaken of Dampierre. Some scholars have incorrectly identified him with baruch b. isaac of worms , author of the Sefer ha-Terumah. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: H. Gross, in: MGWJ, 34 (1885), 558–60; idem, in: ZHB, 11 (1907), 179; J. Wellesz, in: MGWJ, 48 (1904), 442; V. Aptowitzer Mavo le-Sefer Ravyah (1938), 174, 326–9; Urbach, Tosafot, 286ff., 299, 334; idem, Arugat ha-Bosem (1963), index; idem, in: Tarbiz, 10 (1938/39), 86ff. (Moshe Nahum Zobel)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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